Wan Hong Machinery Co., Ltd. was found by a professional and technical team with more than fifteen years of experience in the bakery field, we design, manufacture and sales our product to many countries over the world, Especially, Japan market.

Our Baumkuchen Oven and Crepe Machine is the leader in this field, due to we believe Baumkuchen/Crepe(Mille Cake) is a high potential business in bakery field, in order to offer the best service for our customers, we share our own recipe with our customers to help them when the company is in a starting step, also we can offer a turnkey solution when you have the plan.



Therefore, we have good relationship with our customers to get the real feedback to be the basic to improve our machines time by time, step by step, we always open our mind to listen to customer’s feeling to design and research the friendly machines.

In the past years, Wan Hong Machinery Co., Ltd. completed the following friendly bakery machines, Baumkuchen Oven, Chocolate Coating Machine, Crepe Machine, Icebox Cookie Extruder, Icebox Cookie Cutter, Rusk Machine, Bakeware Washing Machine, Heavy-Duty Spiral Mixer, Donut Machine which can be operated easily by operators even without profession training.