FM Baumkuchen Oven


1. Made of precision sheet metal. Well preserve the heat.
2. Easy to light a fire with lighter.
3. Semi-auto type can make different appearances of Baumkuchen.
4. Easy to adjust the heater and teamperature.
5. Machine is coated with stainless steel. Easy to clean and stay sanitary.
6. Semi-Auto model-Gas heating.
Model FM
Power Supply 220V,single phase,200W
Gas Type LPG, Pressure:50~70kPa(0.5~0.7kg/cm²) or LNG, Pressure:30~70kPa(0.3~0.7kg/cm²)
Gas Heat/ Infrared 20,000Kcal/H
Capacity 2pcs per cycle,25 min can produce Dia.70mm x L650mm or 50 min can produce Dia.180mm x L650mm
Max. Baumkuchen Diameter 180mm (after cooling down 170mm)
Baumkuchen Thickness (Per Layer) 1.5~2.5mm (depends on recipe)
Baumkuchen Length 650mm
Machine Weight 400kg
Machine Dimensions L1,360 x W1,200 x H1,720mm

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice .

Wan Hong Machinery's Baumkuchen oven  can bake the original Baumkuchen, also the special design Baumkuchen, 

Heating by gas with semi-auto design , easy to bake the Baumkuchen as your idea,  made in Taiwan with good quality.

FM Baumkuchen Oven