CR400 Crêpe Machine


1. Auto stacking function.
2. Batter continuous offering system.
3. Independent temperature controller.
4. Desktop machine saves your space.
5. Beautiful melon pattern on the crepe.
6. High capacity machine.
Model CR-400
Power Supply 220V,single phase,220/380/415/440V,5,400W
Capacity   100~120pcs/hr (depends on baking time)
Baking Diameter  Dia. 400mm or customized rectangle (within 400mm)
Thickness Of Crepe  0.5~0.7mm (depends on recipe)
Stacking Quantity 30 pcs
Temperature Setting Range 0~200℃
Baking Time Setting Range 0~60 sec
Machine Weight 81kg
Machine Dimensions L700 x W770 x H536mm

*Special ssize could be customized (EX : Dia. 265mm 10 inch、Dia. 320mm 12 inch,one machine one size)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice .

Wan Hong Machinery's Electric Crepe machine can produce good and thin crepe with a short time, 
then you can use this crepe to design your crepe cake, machines are made in Taiwan with high quality.
CR400 Crêpe Machine