FA Baumkuchen Oven


1. Made of precision sheet metal , well preserve the heat.
2. Precise control panel is easy to operate , temperature is also easy to adjust.
3. Machine is coated with stainless steel , easy to clean and stay sanitary
4. Tabletop machine , great to run it in a shop.
5. Baking evenly makes the cake shows shiny golden color.
6. Automatic type-Electricity heating.

Model FA
Power Supply 220/380/415/440V,3 phase,5,600W
Capacity 1 pc per cycle,10 minutes can produce Dia.70 x L350mm or 20 minutes can produce Dia.160 x L350mm
Max.Baumkuchen Diameter 160mm(after cooling down 150mm)

Baumkuchen Thickness (Per Layer)

1.5~2.5mm (depend on recipe)
Baumkuchen Length 350mm
Machine Weight Machine 144kg / Work Table 31kg
Machine Dimensions L850 x W800 x H960mm
Work Table Included L900 x W830 x H1,600mm

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice .

Wan Hong Machinery's Growth Ring Cake oven, Baumkuchen oven and Sakotis oven can bake the original baumkuchen, 

also the special design baumkuchen, electricity heating can use it in the limited place,automatic operation to save your time, made in Taiwan with good quality.

FA Baumkuchen Oven